• Noni Nutri Plus is made from pure Liquid extract of carefully chosen Noni Fruit which is the native species in Indonesia. It is subjected to natural extraction process. This liquid extract is filtered and packed in the glass bottle by no hand touch technique thereby avoiding any microbial contamination. The whole process do not include heating, adding any chemical, artificial sweetener or preservative thereby making it completely natural. The entire process is so carefully carved out that the core nutrients of Noni are very well preserved. This extract is also popularly known as Enzyme due to its huge range of activities.


    Vaidyasaar Noni Nutri Plus is the only Noni with standardized scopoletin value which ensures that the highest quality is maintained in every batch. Noni Nutri Plus is the only undiluted Noni Liquid extract which promises following qualities in every batch.

    • Imported from Indonesia
    • Highest scopolamine value
    • Highest proven ORAC Value
    • Proven Nitric Oxide scavenging activity


    Noni Nutri plus is concentrated and fermented liquid extract of Noni Fruit which contains

    • 8 rare elements
    • 9 out of 17 essential amino acids that human body wants
    • 10 antioxidants
    • 13 Vitamins
    • More than 200 phyto nutrients
    • 18 minerals
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