CURCUMIN NUTRI PLUS (with extra power of Tetra Hydro Curcumin)

Curcumin Nutri Plus is the only product available provides 4 benefits of Turmeric in single product.

  • Turmeric powder (richness of raw, wild variety of Natural turmeric)

  • Curcumin (Curcumin, the active ingredient in turmeric, contains a mixture of powerful phytonutrients known as curcuminoids)

  • Tetra hydro curcumin (also known as white curcumin- metabolite of curcumin with enhanced absorption capacity, it is the pharmacologically active form of curcumin inside the body)

  • Enhanced Bio availability with Piperine 


Tetra hydro curcumin

  • Higher absorption

  • Better antioxidant activity

  • Better pharmacological activity over curcumin

  • Tetrahydrocurcuminoids are a cascading antioxidant (in comparison to standalone antioxidants, tetrahydrocurcuminoids will act as an antioxidant for a longer time and show cumulatively stronger activity)

  • Tetrahydrocurcuminoids are the most active metabolite which curcumin forms in the body

Curcumin Nutri Plus Tablets

SKU: VS0001
  • Turmeric Powder

    (Curcuma longa Powder)

    500 mg

    Turmeric Extract

    (Curcumla Longa extract)

    100 mg


    (Curcumla Longa extract

    {Standardize Tetrahydrocurcumin} )

    10 mg


    (Black Pepper Extract)

    2 mg